Saut de baleine à bosses

Cetaceans obervation in the Azores

The Azores, Whale Sanctuary: 24 listed species!

The species most often encountered in the Azores: sperm whales, commondolphins, spotted dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Risso dolphins.
Four species are "resident" between Faial and Pico: Sperm whales: females with their calves, bottlenose dolphins, Risso dolphins living south of Pico,
common dolphins

The rest of the species passes through the Azores in certain seasons. Baleen whales like blue whale, fin whale, humpback whale and minke whale (between April-May and September-October) The spotted dolphin arrives in the Azores between May and June and stays until September (more than 300 animals can be seen at the same time). The pilot whale arrives also around April.

It is sometimes possible to observe false killer whales, orcas, beaked whales and< blue and white dolphins - although rare!
They are not cetaceans, but let's not forget the Corry shearwater (the famous cagarro), the Dougall tern, sea turtle, sharks, marlin, swordfish, tunas, mantas...

We respect the rules of whale watching in the Azores! (maximum distance, behavior, safety)
We have on board a hydrophone, which allows not only to hear cetaceans and identify them with their
"Clicks" or songs, but also to spot them.

planche cétacés des Açores
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