Azores Sailing Hiking and Whales
June to September 2018

The Azores seem lost in the middle of the Atlantic, and
that is true ! Known only to sailors and some travelers
they remained as they were, natural, grandiose, welcoming
and generous.
The mildness of the Azores is also due to its mild, warm climate (average
25 ° in summer, water from 21 to 23 °) The Azores are an autonomous region of

Some good reasons to discover the Azores:

     One of the last quiet and authentic corners of the planet.

     Excellent nature destination, far from the big tourist flows.
     Beautiful and wild landscapes, among the most beautiful on the planet.
     Paradise for marine life observation.
     Many activities offered : hiking, diving, mountain biking, horse riding.
     Kindness and legendary availability of the Azoreans.
     Old historical cities and classified monuments.
     Excellent local products, organic is the rule!

Angra do Heroismo
Angra do Heroismo
Moulin à vent
Moulin à vent
Cheminée magmatique Terceira
magmatique  Terceira
Caldeira da Sete Cidades

Baie de Sao Lourenço
Baie de Sao Lourenço

Sailing the Azores onboard Frida

Isle of Faial : Horta's marina and its transatlantic atmosphere: the "nautical" wall paintings, the Cafe Sport, rendezvous of all the sailors of the world!

Horta is a pretty little capital planted with beautiful "pohutukawa (metrosideros)" of New Zealand, and its artistically paved streets.

The Porto Pim cove, its beach and the museum of whaleros.

The double crater of Monte Guia.

The beautiful and interesting botanical garden.

Island stone walls planted with hydrangeas. The Caldera, the crater of the old volcano, 2 km in diameter and 400 m deep.

Capelinhos, the lunar site of the last volcanic eruption of the archipelago.

The wonderfull coastal roads, on foot, scooter or car.

Small roads and tracks that climb in the forest, green meadows and hedges of hydrangeas

Isle of Sao Jorge : The charming little town of Velas, and its very nice tiny marina, starting point for the exploration of this steep island all in length.

Beautiful hikes to the Fajas, amazing coastal micro-plains lying at the bottom of vertiginous slopes.

The peaks of the island: incredible views plunging to the ocean, with opposite Pico and its volcano.

The products of the island, including the famous Sao Jorge cheeses.

The warm welcome of Sao Jorgense ...

Isle of Pico : The volcano island, often capped by a superb altocumulus, local barometer.

The top of the volcano, 2350 and a few meters, local and national pride, breathtaking views reserved for the brave hikers!

The landscape of vineyards encircled by lava walls, and the wine of Pico.

The ridges, lakes and nipples, a world lost with an atmosphere of Ireland and New Zealand

Waters of Pico are home of many cetaceans, the island is one of the world's best whale watching spot.

Isle of Terceira
: its beautiful and ancient capital, Angra do Heroismo, classified world heritage of unesco, where are held every summer the festivals of St. John.

Hiking the magical mazes of lava and lush vegetation

The island has many treasures to discover, historical - cathedrals, museums, forts, and the natural  caves, extraordinary magmatic tunnels unique in the world.

Isle of Sao Miguel : The largest island of the archipelago, with the only "big" city of the Azores, Ponta Delgada - 70000 inhabitants. Discover its small secret streets, with hidden wonderfull treasures and  its many Baroque monuments.

Some of the most beautiful landscapes of the archipelago: the emerald and blue lake of the caldera of Sete Cidades, the Lagoa de Fogo, Furnas, the silent forests of Nordeste, the promontories and cliffs of the west ... and east !

Warm waterfalls under tree ferns, forests, breathtaking snenaries, floral parks, natural hot pools, convents, churches, forts.

It remains Flores, Corvo, Graciosa and Santa Maria ... It must be left for next time!

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